Well, we know how to remove an item from any Array in Javascript by using the splice method, but some times we want to remove an item by its value, not by its position.
The aparent solution is to run over the whole array and then find the element that maches with the value we want.
I prepared this small function in JavaScript to remove any item from a given Array by its value using a very optimized way with regular expressions. Notice that using regular expression was an option. Regular expression is a little bit heavier than running through the array using a extremely optimized “for”, then, it’s faster. Although, here goes this on line option to do this:

function removeItem(ar, item)
    return ar.join(';').
             replace(new RegExp("(^|;)"+item+"(;|$)"), ';').
             replace(/(^;)|(;$)/g, '').

This function is an one line function which returns the array already without the item that had the specified value.

I hope it helps you.