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User name Game keyword (?) UNDER CONSTRUCTION Play alone
Type your name in the first field, and click que button to start a new game.
A code will be generated and you can pass this code to your friend play with you.
If you are the friend who has got a code, simply fill the second field with this code to get into the same game with your friend, who started it.
If you want, you can send me an e-mail with ideas or bugs: felipenmoura@gmail.com -

This game has been created by Felipe Nascimento de Moura during one weekend, when Felipe wasn't busy with the university stuff.
You can download it, change it and redistribute it as you wish, simply refering Felipe in your code. It is under the GPL license.
This game uses up to date technologies, so, it will NOT run in your poor Internet Explorer, sorry.
I'm still working on the inteligence of this game, to allow you to play agains your browser(an engine in javascript). Actualy, it is already working, but it is not smart, not playing very well :p
If you want to, you can even donate something