Yesterday I got the Google Wave dev preview access.
Was laying with it, and will now say some of my impressions.

First of all, it’s a bit hard to get used … I mean, it is great because it englobes a lot of different things and functionalities all in the same place…in the other hand, it’s a bit messed… it took me some times to identify some normal features, or to understand what was going on.
Event though, it is an amazing tool to work and interact in many ways.
The “real time writing” is great and works fine…unfortunately, some times, Google Wave crashes, asking the user to restart it.

Well, it’s all beautiful, but, I still have the impression of … it’s going to be a bit hard to normal users get along with the big cloud computing tool, wave. That’s because, someone who is used to talk on msn or skype, or gTalk, wont feel at home with Google Wave. Even you can talk, send e-mails, private messages, maps, interactive draws, youtube videos, etc … it’s still a bit confusing …

The links:
You can see the login page of google wave developer preview here:

It also gives you a new gmail @googlewave account, in whitch you can add your contacts.
Even with some “Not yet Implemented” tool tips, the interface is great, well prepared, fast to lead and confortable (I’d just change the place where the waves go, when minimized).

I’ll test it more, and with time, will post here some new interesting details.