This year, one of my submission has been approved to this really big, interesting, useful event.
For years, Fisl has brought to Porto Aegre, a lot of great people in the most challenging areas to speak about their knowledge, experiences and plans.
It’s always an amazing opportunity to spread your ideas, know crazy smart people and many times, people that have literally wrote the book and made story.
I’m use to saying that on Fisl, we see the record of nerds by square meter.

This year, I’ll speak about the revolution of the web development, its new technologies and techniques, beside the way we see the web itself, and also, how the users see it nowadays. I’ll speak about HTML5, CSS3, JS2, the market share, business, among other interesting topics. I think we can all have a great conversation about such subjects and I invite you all to watch my presentation (entitled “Até onde vai essa teia?”, or “where is this web going to?”, during the saturday, at 10 o’clock) and also, to have a nice talking about this revolutionary age we are living, through the corridors and stands in the event.

Links of the event: