Yes, this is me.
Well, I’m Felipe Nascimento de Moura. I’m currently graduating at Senac, am graduated IT technician and project management. I’m also specialized in Ajax, DHTML and PHP.
I really like to work with JavaScript and PHP, usualy dealling with PostgreSQL, another technology I like to play with.
I enjoy playing guitar and watching good(crazy ones) movies, or a good reading of an also crazy book.
I like to learn new things, change things I already learned and create new things that I believe noone has ever created.

The word that could define me?

Not just because I’m the founder of theWebMind project and I’mstill one of the head ones with my cousin, Jaydson. No, but because I believe that our minds are the greatest things we can have around our lives… and trust me… take care of it, and it will take care of you.