A new version of PHPDevBar has been released (2.2.3).
Many important changes were applied. Among them, you see here a list:

  • Search engine: Now, it uses the PhD to have an official up to date list of PHP functions and descriptions. It uses an optimized algorithm to have a good performance;
  • “Did you mean”: If you typed with some error, or the function does not exist, you will see a list of possible alternatives;
  • Class and HTMLForm generator: This tool suffered a lot of improvements and now offfers some different alternatives;
  • Methods and Functions: Before, you had to search for function names, or object names, now, you can type the methods directly. For example, Searching for “asxm” you will see the option “SimpleXMLObject::asXML”;

You can send us your feedback, report bugs, or tell us your ideas about this add-on. It’s grown thanks to the community integration :)