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PHPDevBar has grown


Hello folks.
I’m very proud to announce that our addon for firefox, focused on PHP Developers, the PHPDevBar (or PHP Developer ToolBar) has grown a lot and now has already reached the mark of 17 thousand downloads.

Thank you all for your feedback, which has helped us a lot increasing its quality.
If you are a PHP Developer and don’t know it yet, you can try it and then offer us your feedback.


PHPDevBar – New Version

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A new version of PHPDevBar has been released (2.2.3).
Many important changes were applied. Among them, you see here a list:

  • Search engine: Now, it uses the PhD to have an official up to date list of PHP functions and descriptions. It uses an optimized algorithm to have a good performance;
  • “Did you mean”: If you typed with some error, or the function does not exist, you will see a list of possible alternatives;
  • Class and HTMLForm generator: This tool suffered a lot of improvements and now offfers some different alternatives;
  • Methods and Functions: Before, you had to search for function names, or object names, now, you can type the methods directly. For example, Searching for “asxm” you will see the option “SimpleXMLObject::asXML”;

You can send us your feedback, report bugs, or tell us your ideas about this add-on. It’s grown thanks to the community integration :)

I’m quite proud to talk about these new marks and goals.
We’ve also had many feedback, which has helped a lot.

A little secret. I’m working hard to provide a new version with some new features and with a real better engine for the Function Search.

I’m pretty happy to say the PHPDevBar, or PHP Developer Toolbar, has reached the mark of 5 thousands downloads.
It’s increased its amount of daily downloads since it’s become public, thanks to mozilla guys.

More info at mozilla’a addons page

PHPDevBar 2.0.1 released

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This last week we released the latest version of PHPDevBar.
Better, Mozilla has approved it and now it opened to be downloaded at mozilla’s website.

We hope we will have many comments and feedback about it. Ideas are also very welcome.