Hey folks.

I’m Felipe Nascimento, a web developer who loves the web itself. A PHP/JavaScript enthusiastic, I also work with many othe languages, like (X)HTML, CSS, ActionScript, SQL, etc.

I’m always working on some project, and trying to invent/inovate something, as you can see in my project page.

Lemme introduce some of my professional skins:

Inovate and create things, change as possible and make them better and better.
Working with PHP for 6 years, especialized in Ajax and Project management, I’m graduated IT Technitian and am graduating System annalist. I work with OO in PHP and JavaScript in an advanced level, jQuery and jSon. I also have courses of PhotoShop and Flash/ActionScript 3.0.
Languages and techniques I’m at home with:
PHP, JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, SQL (especialy PostgreSQL), Ajax, jQuery, jSon, hiddenFrame, and others more I don’t remember now…