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I’m pretty happy to say the PHPDevBar, or PHP Developer Toolbar, has reached the mark of 5 thousands downloads.
It’s increased its amount of daily downloads since it’s become public, thanks to mozilla guys.

More info at mozilla’a addons page

PHPDevBar 2.0.1 released

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This last week we released the latest version of PHPDevBar.
Better, Mozilla has approved it and now it opened to be downloaded at mozilla’s website.

We hope we will have many comments and feedback about it. Ideas are also very welcome.

PHP Developer ToolBar 2.0

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I’ve just worked, all the week, due to release this second version before my classes restart in the university.
I can say I learned many great things doing this new addon (specialy about XUL) and it’s very better than the first.
This second version is not focused in Brazilian groups, anymore and its special detail is that now you can see a function’s details without get out of the current page, it opens a smal floating panel with the function data.
You can, of course, search into official websites, browse new tools and applications focused in PHP of navigate through a huge list of PHP user groups.

Download at mozilla.

The addon has already reached more than 4 thousand downloads.

PHP Developer toolbar reaches more than 3 thousands downloads.
We are proud about it. The addon is still experimental, though, but we’re sure it’s not going to be like that for much more time.

PHP Developer ToolBar, addon for FireFox, has just reached its first thousand downloads!
During its third week of life, the PHPDevBar, as it is also known, has already had 253 Weekly Downloads woth 232 Active Daily Users.
Come along and download/try it too. Help us with your feed back.
Your comments on Mozilla’s website is also welcome.

Unfortunately, it’s still marked as experimental…we are waiting any mozilla’s member to validate it…what’s gonna happen soon, I believe.