Here, you can see some of my particular projects, or projects in which I’m working in with a team.


With the semi-natural language, theWebMind is able to generate a complete system, including a database structure and access, classes and forms with all the documentation.

PHP Developer Tool Bar:

FireFox addon for PHP developers in which you can search in many different websites, find and interact with PHP groups. You can also use a tool to interact with a service from to generate classes and DDL codes.

theWebMind Generator:

A FireFox addon to help when developing a system, or a module. It is based in a engine, to generate inteligence from a WML coded language.


A framework to develop web application with a Rich interface (RIA implementation) following a XML structure pattern. You organize it in XML, and see it running in a RIA style.
theWebMind has a module that generates the system following this structure.
Projeto oficialmente iniciado por jaydson.


Umabiblioteca de botões divertidos, em português.